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GENIUS LOCI - SPIRIT OF PLACE (Pty)Ltd Multidisciplinary architecture firm

GENIUS LOCI - SPIRIT OF PLACE (Pty)Ltd Multidisciplinary architecture firm GENIUS LOCI - SPIRIT OF PLACE (Pty)Ltd Multidisciplinary architecture firm

A bit about our company


“the spaces where life occurs are places"

Ronel Wiese Fourie

Ronel Wiese Fourie

 What does Genius Loci mean:

Norberg-Schulz explicitly adopts a phenomenological and Heideggerian approach, suggesting (p.5) that: 

“the spaces where life occurs are places…

A place is a space which has a distinct character. 

Since ancient times the genius loci, or spirit of place, has been recognized as the concrete reality man has to face and come to terms with in his daily life. 

Architecture means to visualize the genius loci and the task of the architect is to create meaningful places, whereby he helps man to dwell.” 


Ronel Wiese Fourie

Ronel Wiese Fourie

Ronel Wiese Fourie

 Ronel is a Chartered RIBA Architect that studied in South Africa and at the The Bartlett School of Architecture - UCL in London. She obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the UK in 2005

She was  the Project Associate on the tallest structure in Ireland (the Obel - amongst  other buildings), she  worked worldwide as project architect, designer and opened an office in Belfast

She is now a leading specialist in the field of design for people in their later age and have worked in practises all over the world specialising in retirement. She is a fierce advocate of “Contributing at Every Age: Designing for Generational Impact”. 

She is currently completing her PhD in Architecture with design at the University of the FreeState, collaborating with the New School of Architecture in San Diego, her topic is: Neuroarchitecture: Designing for the Third generation. Retirement & Dementia

Her hobby: Finding the BEST bloody Mary   


The Team

Ronel Wiese Fourie

The Team

Genius Loci, our office strives to create life changing environments. We design spaces for people.

We believe that architecture reaches beyond the physical construction of the built environment – it is a social art. 

Transformative environments require not only a people-focused approach, but a strong commitment to excellence in design. 

As a design practice we want to be at the forefront of innovation in the development of spaces that encourage holistic wellbeing and life efficiency.

In order to ensure the relevance of the spaces we design; we conduct research into current and projected trends in the way people live and interact with the built environment.

We are a team of Architects, Project Managers, Urban Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Visualisers.